Residential Services

Stepping Stones is a Level II/Level I Therapeutic Residential Program. Services are geared toward male youth ages 11 – 17 years old at intake that may have experienced a multiplicity of behavioral and/or emotional trauma. Youth must be able to function within a highly interactive Group Process Program.
Located in rural Wayne County, 166 acres provide for youth centered activities such as sports fields, a fishing pond and a rustic campsite. The Program’s Home serves up to 14 youth and the onsite Specialized Step Down Program for youth returning from out-of-state placement and/or PRTF may serve up to 4 additional youth.

The Program’s daily activity schedule is highly interactive and reflective of a sincere desire to make every moment a “teachable moment”. Stepping Stones will incorporate the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets throughout programming. The Program has a “Circle Plan” with four concurrent “steps” of Belonging, Generosity, Independence and Mastery. It is strongly believed that each progression has strengthened the reunification process for the youth with both his family and community. Each progression has also helped to normalize the treatment process and helped to make it more applicable (to real life situations) and understandable for the youth and active family.

Stepping Stones adheres to strong family-centered practice beliefs. The Agency values and supports family involvement at every point in the treatment milieu; involving families through flexible meeting schedules, transportation assistance when needed, linkage and referral, opportunities for weekly home visitation, weekly STEP/Teen parent education classes, after-care planning, satisfaction surveys, asset building, strengthening of natural supports, etc. Instead of focusing on the family “dysfunction”, we identify our kids’ protective factors that build resiliency with both the kids and families.

The Program offers a full array of professional therapeutic services. Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, RN, contracted MD are involved in treatment assessment, planning & evaluation; specially trained and degreed staff perform service delivery.

Intensive Therapeutic Services:

Treatment Assessment & Planning ▪ Crisis Intervention
Asset Development
Safety & Relapse Planning
Specialized Assessments
Behavioral Modification
Formal Individual Counseling
Psychological Interview
Formal Therapeutic Counseling Groups are available as treatment indicated, Groups may include: Substance Treatment, Family Process, Grief & Loss, Conflict Resolution & Violence Prevention, Trauma

Supportive Therapeutic Services:

Intensive 3-Phase Life Skills Training
Psycho-Educational Groups
Character Development
Aggression Replacement
Cultural Diversity/Sensitivity
Skills/Hobby Development
Service Learning/Volunteer Activities
Sex Education & Well-Being
Study Skills Enhancement & Tutoring
Peer Group Counseling

Stepping Stones, Inc.
RESIDENTIAL SERVICES - Eligibility Criteria

Referrals to Stepping Stones, Inc. are for those youth whose custody has been permanently or temporarily awarded to the State of West Virginia.  Our Level II Residential Program targets youth with diagnoses that manifest in moderate to severe adjustment difficulties in school, home or community, which include disruptive behavioral disorders, mood disorders, conduct disorders, etc., that has persisted for one year or more and is of such a critical nature that out-of-home care intervention is warranted. 

The youth accepted for care are in need of 24-hour supervision, behavioral modification, counseling and progressive re-integration into the family and or transitioning services for independent living.

Targeted Population At a Glance:
Stepping Stones does not limit services to a specific targeted population.
Male Youth Age 12 – 17 years old at Intake
Priority is given to youth from Wayne & Cabell Counties; Region II and then referrals are accepted from across West Virginia.
Youth will have a Mental Health Diagnosis and be capable of Self-Medicating (under supervision) and Self-Preservation. Additionally, the following referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis:
Mild MR will be considered if youth is capable of self-care.
Youth with High Risk Behaviors may be considered when assessed as low to moderate risk to relapse.
Disqualifying Conditions for the Residential Program
Is a current Safety threat/concern to self, others, the community
Has engaged in criminal activity that necessitates detention/correction services
Has a primary diagnosis of Substance addiction & has not completed treatment
Has active, violent, self-destructive and/or aggressive behavior
Referral Process
Referrals are accepted from the WV Department of Health and Human Resources and/or WV Juvenile Probation
Referrals are considered in conjunction with out openings. Priority is given to high-risk, high need referrals.
A pre-placement interview is scheduled upon receipt and review of referral packet
After the pre-placement interview, the admitting decision is made by the Treatment Team.
If eligibility criteria is met and all parties agree that placement is in the best interest of the youth, then arrangements are made for a date for placement. Priority is given to high-risk, high need referrals.

WVDHHR Case Workers may view our current openings at:
West Virginia Child Placement Network



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