How Can I Help?

Help us help kids realize their potential.  Meeting the ever growing needs of the children entrusted in our care and of their families in our community presents a challenge to a small agency such as Stepping Stones.  Stepping Stones strives to work preventively and creatively with youth so as their stay in out-of-home care can be as beneficial as possible. 

We have developed a "Steps to Success" Fund Raising Initiative.  We want to develop a rock-solid foundation for our kids, families and our agency.  All gifts and donations will be designated for our donation fund to be used where most needed.  Such donations are accumulated for special projects such as capital improvements, renovations, new program development, special children' needs, etc.  We would like to assure all donors that each contribution will go toward a good and prudent cause. 

Giving Steps:

      In-Kind Gift:   A donation of needed items such as furniture, building supplies, contractor  services, gift certificates, clothing, food, tools, recreation equipment or tickets, etc. and/or a volunteer donation of time and expertise.

      In-Honor:    An In-Honor Gift is given out of respect and love for a living individual.  Special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, etc. are just some of the significant life events to honor those special people in our lives.  Stepping Stones will acknowledge the gift with a special card sent to the honoree. 

      In-Memorial:   This gift is devoted to the memory of a deceased loved one.   A special acknowledgment will be sent to the family members. 

      Donation:   We are honored by and appreciative of all donations given to our Program.  All donors will receive a special "Thank You" for their gift. 

  • Stones  -  $50.00 to $99.00
  • Boulder -  $100.00 to $499.99
  • Top Rock -  $500.00 plus.  Additionally, these contributors will receive a special engraved acknowledgment on our Top Rock Plaque.

Endowment Fund:   An Endowment Fund Gift assures that our Home will be able to continue to serve needy children and families.  Only the income generated from this fund will be used for the Home's operating expenses.

Helping Kids Realize Their Potential

We're proud to provide qualified counseling and mentoring services, as well as family centered, child focused, therapeutic programming for all our kids.

It's My Move gives kids a chance to try new things without doing it alone. It's a step by step journey into adulthood with caring people at their side. Click Here

Treatment Programs We Offer
  • Residential Services
  • Transitioning Youth to Independence
  • Socially Necessary Services
  • The Community Based Team

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