Community Based Team (CBT) Program
Leading the way in addressing the needs of youth in out-of-state care facilities, Stepping Stones piloted and then achieved sustainability for the State-wide Next Step Community Based Team (CBT) Program. The CBT Program was specifically designed to assess both the youth in and at risk of out-of-state placement as well as his/her family and community.

CBT is an unique intervention of a grouping of services delivered by multi-agency teams designed to provide community based, integrated services for youth in out of state/region placements or to prevent out of state/region placements that are youth driven, strength-based, and family focused. Eligible youth must be assessed as safe and appropriate for return/remain in/the community and must be pre-approved by the DHHR Regional Program Manager or designee.

Service delivery is designated and monitored by the WV System of Care Regional Clinical Review Teams. The Integrated Service Coordination Team provides intensive multi-agency support through collaboration to facilitate successful community reunification/preservation.

Pre-reunification/preservation is preparatory and precedes the return of the child to the home. This phase is marked by interaction between CBT, family, youth, DHHR, Court, Community agencies and supports, school system, etc to begin planning for creative strategies to return/prevent the child from Out of State Placement. During this stage, the comprehensive assessment and planning is initiated, resulting in a Family Team meeting to develop a WRAF Plan (Wrapping Resources Around Families).
Intensive Family Reunification/Preservation
Intensive Reunification/Preservation is characterized by intensive service delivery to engage the youth and family in services that will improve the parent-child relationship as well as family functioning. During this phase the family transition and resumes the natural role of parenting. Activities may include parent training, family communication building, self-management of moods/behavior, school interventions, safety planning, relapse prevention and advocacy services, etc.
The Reunification team will engage the youth and family in a multitude of Aftercare activities designed to respectfully transition responsibility fully to the family/community. CBT Staff will educate and link the family to community-based support programs such as mentoring/tutoring, parent-support groups, PTO, youth activities and/or extra-curricular, medical clinics, etc.




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